Monday, 26 August 2013

How to recover corrupt MDF & LDF files

The importance of owning a sturdy Database Management System is evident for personal or professional usage. Other than managing official work, it helps in keeping track of administrative records as well. However, there could be umpteen reasons that corrupt database and lead to data loss irrupting work! Most of the times, under MDF file corruption, DB admin encounters the following error when tried to execute DBCC CHECKDB command. The error also occurs when admin tries to restore file from an upgraded backup!
DBCC CHECKDB command generally helps to repair corrupt MDF files. It recovers MDF files damaged due to logical corruption and in cases when it fails; the admin restores data from updated backup as and when required. Trouble arises when there is not any database backup to be restored from. 
Have a look at the error below: 
Error 5101: Device activation error
In this case, the physical file name 'C:\%path to db%\db_log.LDF ' may be incorrect. When corrected you might face the error, “db Attach failed”. 

LDF is the Log files associated with MDF DB files. It is one of the most common errors that Admin face when they try to open MDF file in order to access the Database objects. In order to repair this error, admin executes DBCC CHECKDB ('dbname', REPAIR_REBUILD). However, admin usually gets another error message, shown below:
Server: Msg 945, Level 14, State 2, Line 1
Database 'dbname' cannot be opened due to inaccessible files, insufficient memory, or disk space. See the SQL Server error log for details.

These few common errors keep coming and disrupting work. In worst-case scenarios, user ends up losing loads of information just like that. Under similar circumstances, admin must trust third party MDF and LDF Recovery tool. It not only eases out the damage issues but also performs complete and accurate repair of corrupt MDF as well as LDF files. Easily available, Kernel for SQL Recovery Software is the appropriate way for recovering SQL damage files. Proficient in repairing MDF files, the software completely recovers tables, views, indexes, stored procedures, unique/primary keys etc from the damaged SQL database. Moreover, the software is available in free trial edition that users can download to try it before purchase. Providing full support to MS SQL Server 2000/ 2005/ 2008/ 2008 r2 and 2012, this software is worth a try. Click here

Monday, 5 August 2013

How to Eliminate Consistency Error of the SQL Server 2012 Database?

SQL Server 2012 is integrated with advanced features that ensure high security for SQL databases. In spite of advanced security features, SQL Server 2012 databases or .MDF files may generate corruption issues due to multiple reasons as mentioned below:
  • Corrupt hard disk
  • Slow running of MS SQL Server 2012
  • Forced shutdown of MS Windows due to power fluctuation
  • Abnormal growth of the SQL 2012 database
  • Migration of SQL 2012 database into another SQL Server version
  • Virus and spyware intrusion into a computer
  • Defects in other computer hardware components

Database inconsistency is the most common issue in the SQL Server 2012 or any other SQL Server version. In database inconsistency state, both transactional log and primary database of MS SQL Server shows different data. Consistency issues on MS SQL Server are generated mainly due to non-availability of disk space and crash of the SQL Server. Database inconsistency may appear in some or all pages of the SQL database file. You shall see following messages when SQL Server finds inconsistency or page mismatch in the SQL database:
  • Error "0xe0008443 - One or more SQL Database consistency checks have failed
  • Replica is inconsistent
  • Data row does not have a matching index row in the index
  • SQL Server detected a logical consistency-based I/O error
Consistency errors in the SQL database are reported either during backup generation or consistency check process. 

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is equipped with set of DBCC scripts (T-SQL) that can detect and fix SQL database consistency issues. DBCC scripts can be accessed in the SQL Server Management Studio or Studio Express. You can use following DBCC scripts or commands of MS SQL Server 2012 to fix SQL database consistency errors:

DBCC scripts help SQL administrator in performing a comprehensive consistency check of the SQL database in disk allocation structures, catalogue, index pages and tables. Suppose, you want to recover database table named XYZ production, then use following T-SQL script:
This script will rebuild missing or corrupt indexes of the XYZ Production table. It will restore all missing rows of non-clustered indexes in XYZ Production table. If you want to recover XYZ Production table then use REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS in the T-SQL script as shown below:
However, certain amount of data in the XYZ Production may be lost while using REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS Database recovery with DBCC scripts is time consuming. If consistency issue in a SQL 2012 database or database group is generated due to hardware malfunctioning, it is better to restore database file using either SQL backup Exec or third party software.

Kernel for SQL database recovery is an extraordinary tool to recover corrupt SQL databases. It swiftly recover inaccessible SQL MDF databases either from the local disk or Live Server. This MDF file recovery software restore every items from a corrupt SQL database that includes indexes, primary keys, tables, triggers, stored procedures, foreign keys and views. MDF file recovery tool successfully restore large SQL Server databases. It smoothly fix consistency errors of the SQL database. MDF file recovery software is compatible with all SQL Server versions including SQL Server 2012. See more at